About Us

The Centre for Social Impact Bonds is the country’s central authority on social impact bonds. It works to increase understanding of SIBs across government and to provide support to SIB developers. Its functions include:

  • Advocacy – Increase understanding of SIBs through online resources and at workshops and conferences.
  • Challenge – Scrutinise nascent SIB proposals and help developers strengthen their propositions.
  • Expertise – Provide strategic advice to SIB developers.  Monitor SIBs delivery and evaluation to centralize learning. Connect developers with experts.
  • Stewardship – Help to promote the development of a mature SIB market. Facilitate connections and contracting between interested commissioners, co-payers, providers, and investors.
  • Data – Promote better availability of data for commissioners to estimate cross-cutting benefits. Gather data generated by interventions commissioned through the Social Outcomes Fund to be made publically available in an easily accessible form.

The Centre sits within the Social Investment and Finance team at the Cabinet Office. To learn more about our work and about social impact bonds, please visit www.gov.uk/social-impact-bonds and follow us on twitter. To contact us, email sibs@cabinet-office.gov.uk