Cabinet Office & Oxford Said Business School Report – Social Investment Market: Role of Public Policy in Innovation and Execution

The social investment market has witnessed dramatic growth in the past few years.  In any space that experiences such rapid expansion, the opportunity to gather industry leaders and have deep discussions about successes and failures, goals and fears, lessons learned and mistakes made is absolutely vital to its future success.  It is similarly vital, or even perhaps of greater importance, that these learnings are distributed beyond the walls of conference rooms to facilitate industrywide conversations.

We are pleased to present a report titled “The Social Investment Market: The role of public policy in Innovation and Execution”. This report, arising from a symposium co-hosted by the University of Oxford and the Cabinet Office in November 2012, captures the reflections of senior policy-makers, investors, advisors, academics and analysts from over ten countries as they discuss the historic and future role of public policy in the social investment market.

During the symposium, the increasing sophistication and scale of the UK social investment market was evidenced, as well as the fact that the innovations in funding intermediaries, legal structures, financial products, tax incentives and government commissioning and procurement act as examples to governments and private entities worldwide.  Sir Ronald Cohen noted that “The Social Investment Symposium was a landmark in the progress of this new, vitally important market. It has set the scene for greater international collaboration…”.  We look forward to global collaboration and welcome comments on this report.

This report was written by Aunnie Patton, Dean’s Fellow at Oxford’s Said Business School. You can read more about her work on social investment at